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Carinthia – Austria’s sunny south 

Carinthia is the southernmost Austrian state. Situated within the Eastern alps it is chiefly noted for its mountains and lakes. Carinthia has about 560.000 inhabitants, and is located in the southern part of Austria directly on the borders to Italy and Slovenia. Klagenfurt, its capital, is situated at the Wörthersee and has about 92.400 inhabitants. 

Carinthia borders Salzburg in the North, Styria in the East and North, Eastern Tyrol in the West and Slovenia, Veneto and Friuli in the South. It features 1270 lakes and stagnant waters, most of them featuring drinking water quality. 93 peaks tower above 3000 meters, the Großglockner being the highest mountain in Austria at 3798 meters. 

The beautiful lakes with drinking water quality and the Mediterranean climate make the province to an important and popular holiday destination.

Culture, history and sights

Carinthians are lucky to be blessed with many talents. Famous for being good singers, they have nurtured at least as many celebrated painters, writers and architects - hardly surprising in this highly cultured environment. Indeed, discovering Carinthia’s heritage means encountering over a thousand years of the province’s history and experiencing today’s stimulating environment at the confluence of three cultures. Historic art treasures, international music festivals, architecture, painting, theatre and the Carinthian choirs make the province an unparalleled cultural stage with a beautiful backdrop. 

Autumn in Carinthia = Carinthian culinary experience

Food plays a very important role in autumn. Dishes are cooked using regional recipes that have been handed down for generations. To go with them: cider, elderberry juice or pear frizzante. The names of the dishes may be confusing to the uninitated, but you'll always find somebody who will explain. You can then get supplies from the local farmers for taking home. 


Villach, one of the most beautiful and historical towns in Carinthia, is going to host the 17th WAKO World Championships in LC, Low Kick, K1 Rules.

VILLACH: Location and travel directions

By car:
Villach is the hub of two major traffic routes. 

The excellent motorway network (toll sticker required!) makes traveling easy: Klagenfurt-Graz-Vienna; Salzburg-Munich; Udine-Triest/Mestre-Milano; Ljubljana-Zagreb). (then click on MAPS)

By rail:
Direct connections to Graz, Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Italy and Slovenia. 
Information hotline: +43/(0)51717 
Villach Railway Station: +43/(0)4242/93000...-0

By plane:

Klagenfurt (40km), Salzburg (180 km), Ljubljana (120 km), Venice (255 km), 
Trieste (188 km), Graz (178 km), Vienna (363 km), Munich (311 km)

Detailed information on charter flights to/from Klagenfurt as well as on arrival and departure times: booking 
Many low-cost carriers operate flights to destinations in the vicinity of Carinthia. Graz, Salzburg, Trieste and Ljubljana are all within an hour and a half’s drive.
*Stansted (UK / Great Britain) - Klagenfurt 3 flights per week
Klagenfurt Airport is delighted to continue the cooperation with Irish low-cost carrier RYANAIR. Stansted-Klagenfurt 3 flights per week! Bookings via (Subject to change without notice). Timetable: Tue, Thu, Sat: STN-KLU 13:30 - 16:25 / KLU-STN 16:50 - 17:45

Klagenfurt Airport (Austria)
Low cost carrier, Ryanair (Tue, Thu, Sat) Stansted - Klagenfurt
National carrier: daily flights operated by Austrian Airlines via Vienna 

*Graz Airport (Austria)

Low cost: Ryanair (London-Stansted) - Graz: Mo, We, Fr, Su - year round,

*Vienna International Airport (Austria):

*Salzburg Airport (Austria)
Low cost: Ryanair (Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands, Liverpool, London-Stansted) National carrier: British Airways (London LGW), Thomsonfly (Bournemouth, Coventry, Doncaster Sheffield, London LGW, Manchester), Flybe (Exeter, Southampton), Jet2 (Leeds)

*Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia)
Low cost: Easyjet (London-Stansted) - Ljubljana: Mo, Tu, We, Thu, Fr, Sa, Su - all year round; National carrier: Adria Airways (Gatwick) - Ljubljana: Mo, Tu, We, Thu, Fr, Sa, Su - all year round;

*Trieste Airport (Italy)
Low cost: Ryanair (London-Stansted) - Triest: Mo, Tu, We, Fr, Sa - year round,

*Venice Airpor (Italy):

*Airport Munic (Germany): 

Welcome to Villach

Villach is seducing...
                      Historic centre & flair 

With southern temperament and true Carinthian gaiety, moulded by history in a pleasant climate, romantic, modern, easy 

Villach creates atmosphere...
                      Cult & Kilt 

Cosmopolitan but live tradition with style and charm, Villach is wellknown for its cultural variety. Street art and grand cultural events, marvellous festivals and enthusiastic artists, the entire town one big stage. 
Villach... come and see! You'll be amazed! 
Servus, hello & salut - Servus, srecno & ciao 

Nestled at the very heart of Carinthia, not far from Friuli (Italy (Venice)) and Slovenia (Ljubljana), Villach is open to social and cultural exchange across the borders. The bustling town attracts visitors not only with its unspoiled surroundings and a picturesque landscape, but also with its varied offering in terms of activities and events. 

Villach offers an extensive range of activities and events: 

In Villach there is always a reason to celebrate!

Villach motivates...
Lakes & mountains 

Enjoy life at the clearest lakes in Europe. Take hiking trips on fabulous trails in the Dobratsch nature reserve. Admire the overwhelming view from the top.

Ossiacher See
Faaker See
Vassacher See
St. Leonharder See
Magdalen See
Silber See

Villach is inspiring...
                     Urban & rural 

The town and the surroundings open possibilities for exciting discoveries. Pure nature, lakes and rivers, historic towns in fascinating valleys, cultural and culinary traditions – a treat to all senses. 

Villach is enriching...
                    Servus, Hello & Salut - Servus, Srečno & Ciao 

With Italy (Venice) and Slovenia (Ljubljana) just round the corner, Villach naturally functions as the centre of the 3-country region. Its easy-going and tolerant life-style unites people. Spectacular events and cultural highlights – an exciting region connecting countries. 

Villach - one of the tradition rich cities of history

The oldest traces of human settlement in the Villach region are from the Neolithic period (3500 - 1800 B.C.). All the subsequent prehistoric periods are represented in this naturally favoured area, some of the archaeological sites being highly significant. The Roman road known as the "Römerweg", close to Warmbad Villach, is an ancient track road cut deep into the rock and is one of the most important of the old routes leading from Italy into into the eastern Alpine region. 

In 1007 the Villach area became the property of the bishopric of Bamberg, founded by Kaiser Heinrich II, and remained in this ownership until 1759. In 1060 a comprehensive market charter was granted to the settlement around the bridge, under the terms of which King Henry !V gave the bishopric privileges and the right to hold court, exact tolls, mint money and hold markets. In 1225 permission to hold an annual market was also granted by Kaiser Friedrich II.

From 1007 to 1759 the town was in the possession of the bishopric of Bamberg. At the time of this representation, Villach had somewhat fewer than 3000